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Chronometric Definition & Meaning

The reply seems to lie in the completely unique and idiosyncratic distortions of the musical rating in subtle ways in which evoke an emotional response in most musically sensitive listeners, a sort of aesthetic pleasure. A strictly correct, literal rendition of the work hardly evokes such a response. The departures from literalness usually are not a flouting of the composers intentions as proven within the printed musical rating, but are an idiosyncratic try to precise the composer’s inspiration. zoosk com contact phone number In this effort, the great performers differ far more amongst themselves than do the enough but less gifted performers. An expert can immediately recognize whether the interpretation of a famous work is performed by, say, Kreisler or Heifetz, Rubinstein or Horowitz, Toscanini or Stokowski. Each of these great artists has a novel and recognizable “musical personality” that infuses nearly all the works of their repertoire.

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